Product Info

“AirBoard is a Segway crossed with a hoverboard” – Daily Mail
AirBoard is the World’s smallest manned aircraft. It is all electric personal air vehicle controlled by shifting weight. It moves in the direction you are leaning.
AirBoard is designed to facilitate people transportation by allowing anyone to own its personal air vehicle, which provides a person or company with almost unlimited set of potential uses. (For example, pilot ship replacement, disaster recovery, etc.)
Our mission is to create a transport for search and rescue organisations to access areas otherwise unavailable and save people lives.
AirBoard moves in reaction to shifts in the rider’s weight and flies thanks to four propellers fitted either side of the foot panels. The rider is standing in a vertical position with his feet on the board and both hands holding handles. When turned on, the aircraft starts to hover in constant height from the ground. Pilot can use a button located on the handle in a thumb reachable area to adjust the flight altitude and lean further to accelerate the vehicle. The more a person shifts forward, the faster the vehicle flies forward.
Custom designed software uses the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer providing continuous take-off and keeping device balanced. The system makes it very easy to control vehicle even for unexperienced pilots. For safety reasons the flight altitude is, but not limited to, 1.5 meters from the ground surface.
AirBoard Remote App shows important data like AirBoard’s battery life, flight speed, compass and level. User can control flight level or altitude in which the multicopter is moving. The board can be locked and unlocked with a free mobile application. When the board is locked, power button is inactive and motion detection GPS alarm is turned on. The phone uses 4.0 low energy system to communicate with the vehicle, and therefore will not drain phone’s battery while the app is running in the background. Vehicle can be unlocked without ever taking the mobile device out of the pocket because the vehicle senses when the paired phone is near by. App allows the customer to update the board software when an update that contains crucial fixes or new features is available.